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Ac adapter thermostat Danfoss RA M30x1.5
Adapter for radiator thermostat (Vicki) to Danfoss RA valves.Metal adapter.Valve adapter RA (Danfoss) M30x1.5
Manufacturer: IMI

Ac adapter valve Danfoss RAV-M30x1.5
Adapter for radiator thermostat (Vicki) to Danfoss RAV valves.Metal adapter.Valve adapter RAV Ø 34mm (Danfoss) - M30 x 1.5
Manufacturer: IMI

Ac adapter valve Danfoss RAVL-M30x1.5
Adapter for radiator thermostat (Vicki) to Danfoss RAVL valves.Metal adapter Valve adapter.RAVL Ø 26mm (Danfoss) - M30 x 1.5
Manufacturer: IMI

Ac adapter valve heart M28x1.5-M30x1.5
Adapter for radiator thermostat (Vicki) to Herz M28x1.5 valves.Metal adapter.Valve adapter M28 x 1.5 (heart) - M30 x 1.5
Manufacturer: IMI

Ac adapter valve Ista M30x1.0-M30x1.5
Adapter for radiator thermostat (Vicki) to Ovendrop/ISTA valves.Metal adapter.Valve adapter M30 x 1.0 (Ovendrop/ISTA) - M30 x 1.5
Manufacturer: IMI

Ac Vicki anti-theft protection
Theft protection for Vicki radiator thermostat.Anti-theft accessory for Vicki - LoRaWAN Radiator Thermostat
Manufacturer: MClimate

Ac Vicki screw-on adapter back plate
Ac Vicki screw-on adapter back plate
Manufacturer: MClimate

Ac Vicki Vandalism Protection
Anti-vandalism protective housing for Vicki radiator thermostat, accessories for vandalism protection for Vicki - LoRaWAN® thermostat
Manufacturer: MClimate

Batteries AA 1.5V 3Ah Lithium
2 lithium batteries for powering LoRaWAN® devices with 1.5VThese high-quality lithium batteries provide LoRaWAN devices with reliable power autonomously for several years. They weigh 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries and are leak-proof.Technical specifications:Nominal voltage: 1.5V Nominal capacity: 3000mAh Operating temperature: - 40°C to + 60°C Diameter: 14mm Length: 50,5mm Illustration may vary.
Manufacturer: Energizer

CleverCity DIN rail adapter for Greenbox Compact 3
DIN rail adapter for CleverCity Greenbox Compact 3. With the DIN rail adapter, you can optionally and if necessary also mount the Greenbox Compact 3 on a DIN rail - for example in a distribution box. This mounting variant is often used when the device is used for string control. The adapter is attached to the back of the Greenbox with the four screws supplied.
Manufacturer: CleverCity

CleverCity LoRaWAN Mast Antenna for Greenbox Compact 3
LoRaWAN mast antenna for CleverCity Greenbox Compact 3. For the safest possible operation or to ensure the best possible radio reception, we recommend an additional antenna for the Greenbox compact, which is used for single mast control. The mast antenna secures the connection between the LoRaWAN network and the green box built into the street lighting mast. The antenna is mounted flush on the mast with just one drill hole and secured with the enclosed strap. A foam rubber seals the antenna and prevents against moisture penetrating. Technical data: Frequency 865 ... 880MHz Amplification 0dBd (2dBi), typically Protection class IP66 Polarization linearly Sending power RMS < 10W Temperature range -40°C ... +85°C UV-protection > 10 years Material ABS Cable length ca. 4m Weight ca. 100g Dimensions 150x38x36mm Fixing belt Mast diameter 80 to 140mm
Manufacturer: CleverCity

CleverCity LoRaWAN® Angled Antenna for Greenbox Compact 3
LoRaWAN® Angle Antenna (SMA) for CleverCity Greenbox Compact 3. For the safest possible operation or to ensure the best possible radio reception, we recommend an additional antenna for each Greenbox Compact 3, which is used for single mast control. The angled rod antenna with SMA connector ensures the connection between the LoRaWAN® network and the GreenBox Compact 3. It is used in plastic switch boxes, house installations etc. It is screwed directly onto the GreenBox.
Manufacturer: CleverCity

digitalMATTER Yabby LoRaWAN Config Cable
LoRaWAN Configuration Cable for Digital Matter Yabby Asset Tracker. Due to the small form factor of the Yabby Asset Tracker a special adapter is needed for configuration via USB. Included in delivery: USB Cable Adapter board Connector cable
Manufacturer: Digital Matter

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ELSYS ER14250 Lithium battery 3.6V 1/2 AA for ESM series sensors
ELSYS lithium battery for IoT sensors of the ESM series. Special battery suitable among others for the ELSYS ESM5k multi-sensor for measuring air quality, light and acceleration (see following tab "Accessories"). Technical Data: Model designation: ER14250 Nominal voltage: 3.6V Capacity: 1200 mAh Weight: 10 g Dimensions (H x W): 25.5 x 15 mm also suitable as replacement battery for HCB ER14250M 1/2AA 3.6V Figure may differ.
Manufacturer: ELSYS

ELSYS Lithium battery for ERS and EMS series sensors
Lithium battery to power LoRaWAN® devices This lithium battery from ELSYS reliably supplies LoRaWAN devices of the ERS and EMS series autonomously with power for several years.
Manufacturer: ELSYS

Elvaco LoRa Wireless Module CMi4110 for Landis+Gyr UH50
Wireless Plug-in module for heat meters and heat meter calculators Landis + Gyr UH50 / UC50 The LoRaWAN radio module CMi4110 is a plug-in module that can be installed in a Landis + Gyr heat meter from the UH50 series or in a calculator from the UC50 series. It transfers the data from the heat meter via LoRaWAN. The module can be easily retrofitted in the calculator at any time. Features: Battery life at least 11 + 1 years, configurable to 16 + 1 years for meters with D-cell Configuration takes place with the free elvaco configuration app, configuration of the heat meter is not required NFC interface for module configuration Compatibility: The CMi4110 is designed for the L + G UH50 meters with firmware version 5.15 or higher and can be used for all L + G UC50 calculators with firmware version 8.06 or higher.
Manufacturer: Elvaco AB

Lobaro USB Configuration Adapter
USB configuration adapter for sensor administration from Lobaro The Lobaro USB Configuration Adapter allows easy administration of our sensors: Configuration (e.g., LoRaWAN parameters, time intervals) Firmware updates Log messages / error analysis Power supply of the sensor node
Manufacturer: Lobaro

SENSATIVE Button +Switch for Strips
SENSATIVE +Switch The +Switch is an accessory product for the SENSATIVE Strips. With the +Switch you can add a switch to the Strips sensors to control IoT devices or IoT scenarios. This adds an additional button function to the Strips quite easily when needed. The +Switch is compatible with all LoRaWAN® Strips.
Manufacturer: Sensative

SENSATIVE Mounting +Clip for Strips
SENSATIVE +Clip The +Clip is an optional accessory product for mounting SENSATIVE strips. If the adhesive back of the strips is not sufficient due to the surface condition or an easy mounting and especially dismounting is necessary, then the +Clip is ideally suited.
Manufacturer: Sensative

Standard bracket Wastebox
 Standard bracket for Wastebox level sensor LoRaWAN® The standard bracket can optionally be used to attach or mount the wastebox.The standard holder also serves as dust protection for the battery compartment of the wastebox.Individual, container-specific intermediate parts can be inserted between the standard holder and the container for optimal alignment of the sensor with the filling material.
Manufacturer: GLA-intec

ZENNER configuration and readout tool MinoConnectUSB Set Opto
MinoConnectUSB and optical head - Set for configuration and readout of ZENNER devices Set for mobile reading and configuration of ZENNER measuring devices and sensors. The "MinoConnectUSB Set Opto" is mainly used to read out and parameterize ZENNER devices via the optical interface. The two-part set consists of the "MinoConnectUSB", which is connected to a Windows mobile device or Laptop via USB, and the ZENNER IrDA "IrCombiHead" optical head. This is positioned on the optical interface of the respective ZENNER measuring device or sensor. The connection between MinoConnectUSB and the opto head is made via a SubD9 connector. Using the additional configuration and readout software MeteringSystemSolution (MSS) - in combination with the MinoConnectUSB Set Opto - the settings required on the device can be conveniently made from the Windows laptop or mobile device Features of MinoConnectUSB: USB / RS232 and RS485 interface LED operating status In conjunction with the ZENNER IrCombiHead, it supports the IEC 62056 (1107) and IrDA interfaces, the IEC 62056 (1107) and IrDA interfaces Additionally required configuration software MSS: Please note that the configuration software MSS is required to configure and read out ZENNER LoRa devices. This can be downloaded free of charge as a demo version. You will find the link below under "Related links".
Manufacturer: ZENNER