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In the field of monitoring technology, LANCIER Monitoring GmbH has been a leader for many years. Furthermore, LANCIER Monitoring offers sophisticated monitoring solutions for power cable and district heating pipe networks. The main focus of applications is on network operation, energy supply and large-scale industry. Find the right IoT sensor for your application now.

LANCIER pipe monitoring & leakage sensor PipeSens plus
IoT Sensor PipeSens plus LoRaWAN® from LANCIER for pipe network monitoring The LoRaWAN® sensor PipeSens plus from LANCIER Monitoring GmbH is used for monitoring local and district heating pipes. The sensor is mainly used to detect leaks or damage to the insulation of pipe systems. By means of wireless monitoring via LoRaWAN®, rapid damage detection and early intervention are made possible in order to subsequently prevent greater damage and costs. PipeSens plus is a measuring and monitoring device for measuring and storing insulation and loop resistances. It measures the insulation and loop resistance of pairs of wires in the insulation layer of district heating pipes on a daily basis. The PipeSens plus device additionally offers two contact inputs. These enable, for example, the detection of states such as float switches, temperatures or access controls. By means of the temperature sensor built into the unit as standard, it is possible, for example, to detect whether district heating shafts have been filled with rainwater or medium water. The sensors are battery-operated, an external power supply or separate cable installation is not required. A parser for using the PipeSens in the ZENNER ELEMENT IoT platform is available. Configuration is done via the PipeSens configuration software on a mobile computer. Performance features (selection): Enclosure dimensions (W x D x H): 130 mm x 100 mm x 180 mm IP protection class: IP66/67 Operating temperature: -20℃ - +60℃ Device class: Class A Communication: LoRaWAN® standard Activation: automatic operation after configuration Power supply: replaceable lithium battery A 3.6V Battery life: approx. 5 years (with daily measurement) On-site display: 5 LEDs: 3x status, 1x USB power, 1xUSB detect Operation on site: 1 button for real-time measurement Available frequency: EU868 Measuring interval: 10 min (configurable via software)
Manufacturer: LANCIER Monitoring