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CITEL was founded in 1937 and is active in the development, manufacture and sale of surge protection solutions for all electrotechnical, communication and data technology applications and systems. From the research and development of components, such as gas arresters and gas-filled spark gaps, to the manufacture of complete surge protection solutions, CITEL is continuously working to meet the needs of its customers, now and in the future. CITEL has production sites in France and China, and sales offices in France, Germany, the USA, China, India and Eastern Europe.

Citel Surge Protection PoE
Citel surge protection PoE LAN surge protection RJ45 for Power-over-Ethernet  Protection against overvoltage in information technology networks 2-stage protection circuit with gas dissipators and low-capacitance semiconductors Product Details: Compatible with 10BaseT/100BaseT/1000BaseT networks Ideal protection level for network applications CAT5, Meets IEC 61643-21 standard Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 54 mm
Manufacturer: Citel

Citel Coax Surge Protector for Antennas
Citel surge protector coax for antennas Coaxial surge protection with integrated gas arrester Protection of sensitive antenna applications against lightning strikeCoaxial connection with exchangeable gas arrester and earthing via M6 screw Product Details: Coaxial overvoltage protection - DC up to 4 GHz• Low signal loss and bidirectional protection Waterproof housing Dimensions: 68 x Ø16,2 mm
Manufacturer: Citel