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Lobaro USB Configuration Adapter
USB configuration adapter for sensor administration from Lobaro The Lobaro USB Configuration Adapter allows easy administration of our sensors: Configuration (e.g., LoRaWAN parameters, time intervals) Firmware updates Log messages / error analysis Power supply of the sensor node
Manufacturer: Lobaro

Lobaro GPS Tracker LoRaWAN
Lobaro LoRaWAN® GPS Sensor / Tracker The Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS-Tracker is ideal for determining the position of vehicles (trucks, cars), containers, construction site material or your own product. Due to the flexible firmware and the integrated GPS, temperature and vibration sensors, different scenarios can be covered. Any combination of timer, position / vibration and temperature can be used to query the data. The waterproof housing and the energy-saving architecture (< 25uA standby current with GPS in standby, thus fast restart possible) allow maintenance-free running times of several years - even outdoors. In field trials, more than 30,000+ LoRaWAN messages could be achieved at SF11 with one battery set. Lateral mounting straps allow a stable mounting of the GPS tracker. If required, external energy sources can also be connected. The Lobaro LoRa GPS Tracker has already been successfully used for various applications and is constantly being further developed. Accessories required for configuration: Lobaro USB configuration adapter (sold separately), see tab "Accessories" or part number 166644 For power supply you furthermore need two standard AA batteries (not included).
Manufacturer: Lobaro

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Lobaro wM-BUS over LoRaWAN Bridge
Wireless M-Bus Bridge for LoRaWAN® networks from Lobaro  The Lobaro wireless MBUS (wMBUS) to LoRaWAN Bridge is a low-cost & energy-saving device that connects one or more wMBUS based meters to a LoRaWAN network. Complete wireless M-Bus telegrams (FSK radio modulation) from consumption meters are received transparently and forwarded via LoRaWAN networks (LoRa radio modulation) downstream to the Internet. LoRaWAN allows connections to the Internet with ranges of up to 10 kilometers between transmitter and gateway antenna - without the usual costs for GSM connections that is used in classic smart metering solutions. In contrast to mobile communications, it is also easy to install your own gateways. This explains the much lower operating costs with the Lobaro Bridge compared to conventional remote reading of consumption meters via GPRS/LTE networks. Alternatively, only very specific consumption values can be forwarded in order to minimize the amount of data transmitted via LoRa. In this configuration the Lobaro Bridge filters the receiving wMBUS data on the device. Wireless M-Bus (wMBUS) data can also be transmitted over the high radio ranges supported by LoRaWAN and collected or processed centrally. Hint: Please order the appropriate battery and configuration cable for Lobaro sensors separately.
Manufacturer: Lobaro