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Info about IoT-Device-Keys

How to get the IoT-Device-Keys for your ordered devices:

You can obtain your device keys via the ZENNER direct delivery note portal. We have introduced this for reasons of traceability of deliveries and for the secure transmission of AES key information to wireless meters (with wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN technologies). The portal allows you to download electronic delivery notes in various formats for further processing of the data, such as AES keys, in downstream systems.

To get to your IoT device keys, simply follow the step-by-step instructions contained in our User Guide:

To the User Guide

You can't find your delivery note with your access to the delivery note portal anymore or you have further questions about IoT device keys?

Then please send us a message via our Contact Form.

For orders with ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY option:

If you have added the ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY option to your order, your ordered devices will be registered for you directly in the MZC LoRaWAN® network Germany as requested and displayed in the visualization solution B.One Gallery. The device keys are not transferred to the ZENNER direct delivery note portal as usual.