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IoT sensor technology from the expert for LPWAN networks. For use in areas such as Smart City, Smart Building or Smart Industry.

MClimate has set itself the goal of intelligently improving the energy efficiency of buildings worldwide. IoT technology and state-of-the-art LoRaWAN® sensors are used for this purpose.

VICKI LoRaWAN® Thermostatic radiator valve
VICKI LoRaWAN® Thermostatic radiator valve Vicki is the perfect solution for all those who are looking for an intelligent and efficient radiator thermostat, want to control it conveniently from anywhere and at the same time want to save a lot of energy costs.With Vicki, you can easily and conveniently regulate your room temperature, even remotely. The Vicki radiator thermostat is very easy to retrofit and monitors the temperature and humidity for you. You set the desired target temperature by simply turning the outer ring of the device. At the same time, the target temperature is displayed directly on the device and is easy to read. Vicki is so smart that it automatically detects when you open a window and temporarily regulates the radiator in that room down. This way, you never run the risk of wasting unnecessary energy when ventilating.Two lithium batteries are included in the delivery.  Areas of application: Smart Home Smart Office Smart School Smart Building Performance features: Model: VICKI LoRaWAN Measurement parameters: Temperature: +/- 0.20°C Humidity: +/- 2% RH Dimension: 54mm x 78mm x 50mm Operating conditions: -20°C to +60°C Application area: Indoor LoRaWAN® device class: Class A Activation: OTAA Configuration: Downlink Frequency: Europe (863-870 MHz) Transmit power: +14dBm Transmission interval: configurable Power supply: 2X AA Energizer Lithium L91 Battery replaceable: yes Battery life: up to 10 years
Manufacturer: MClimate

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