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ZENNER PDC-communication module LoRaWAN 2-Channel pulse adapter


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Product number: 156872
Manufacturer: ZENNER
EAN: 4001471650660
Weight: 0.235 kg

ZENNER PDC communication module LoRaWAN® 2-channel pulse adapter

PDC communication module for integration of meters with pulse output into radio systems.

  • Radio interface: LoRaWAN
  • Sending interval: daily 

With the PDC communication module (PDC = PulseDataCapture) you can integrate measuring devices with pulse output into modern wireless readout systems. The consumption data of water, heat, gas, oil or electricity meters with pulse output are transmitted wirelessly to a LoRaWAN™ network.The PDC communication module is battery operated. The battery life is up to 10 years depending on the version, transmission interval and ambient conditions.

Typical applications:

  • Radio readout of meters via LoRaWAN™


The PDC communication module is available in two versions:

  • wireless M-Bus radio module according to OMS standard 4.0.2 (encryption mode 5), 868 MHz, EN 13757-4 (Order no. on request)
  • LPWAN radio module (LoRaWAN™)


Both potential-free (reed) contactors and electronic pulse outputs can be connected to the PDC. When connecting the PDC module to meters with electronic pulse output, we recommend that a compatibility test be carried out.

Zusätzlich erforderliches Zubehör:

To configure the PDC module, the special MinoConnectUSB and ZENNER IrDA optical head and the ZENNER software license MSS Configurator are required. The MinoConnectUSB set with optical head can be found in the "Accessories" tab below. The link to the free four-week demo version of the MSS software can also be found below under "Further links".

Properties "ZENNER PDC-communication module LoRaWAN 2-Channel pulse adapter"
Usage: Energy measurement, Remote meter reading
device type: Adapter & Retrofit
industry: Buildings & Facilities, Public & Private Utilities, Smart City
location: Building, Factory Buildings, Indoor, Outdoor, Retrofit, Machines, Room (Office/Living/Kitchen)
protection classification: IP68
sensors: Consumption, Pulse
technology: LoRaWAN