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Access to the B.One Gallery for 24 months and up to 50 devices


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Product number: 801628
Manufacturer: ZENNER

B.One Gallery - The standardised visualisation platform for your IoT sensors & solutions

With the purchase of this service product, you receive an account on the B.One Gallery visualisation platform with access for up to 50 devices for a term of 24 months.

The contractual basis is the associated user agreement. It is an integral part of the contract when this service is purchased. The period of use begins on the date of purchase, i.e. date of purchase = date of performance.


With the B.One Gallery you can display sensor data in near real-time and in different formats. Standardised representations enable intuitive and very simple operation. Create dashboards, reports and notification settings for your IoT use cases with just a few clicks, practically without prior knowledge.


Keep an eye on and access your data at any time and from anywhere.

The B.One Gallery as a visualisation platform for IoT applications is browser-based and can be displayed on all modern browsers. Forget about installations, updates, drivers & Co. Use your B.One Gallery from your smartphone, tablet or PC, see your measurement data, actions and histories of your IoT sensors everywhere and stay informed. Create your own graphics, charts and reports with just a few clicks and share them with your colleagues, partners, customers or service providers simply via LInk. The great thing about this is that the recipients can simply use them without being users of the B.One Gallery themselves. You decide whether the reports are static or update automatically.

No matter how many IoT devices, application scenarios or locations you want to manage and monitor, you only need one B.One Gallery - it is compatible and simply grows with you. From a single sensor in your office, workshop, warehouse, cold room, production hall, restaurant, shop, farm, administration building and and.... to fully automated IoT tracking of numerous and diverse use cases, no matter whether indoor or outdoor, no matter how many locations in your company, your buildings, on the company premises or from the entire smart city or region.


Stay informed at all times and up to date!

The integrated monitoring and notification system detects deviating states and informs you immediately via the notification channels you set when things are no longer as they should be. With the easy-to-use yet sophisticated user and authorisation system, you can create additional users in no time at all, grant approvals and also compare your own IoT systems with others - for example, your consumption values, temperatures, etc.

B.ONE GALLERY is the basis for your IoT solutions, sensor visualisation, dashboards and reporting, easy setup of alarms when things are not as they should be.

The possible uses and visualisation of IoT use cases are almost unlimited.

More than 100 sensors are currently supported for a wide variety of use cases, and more are being added all the time.

No matter whether you want to monitor climate data - indoor or outdoor - or air quality, room temperature, humidity, CO2, cooling, soil moisture, precipitation amounts, energy consumption (water, heat, electricity,...), movement, presence, brightness, location and position, system statuses, opening and closing status of windows, doors, gates,...   Filling quantities whether for tanks, containers, boxes, silos, waste bins,... the B.One Gallery is the visualisation solution that shows you all this in a simple and uncomplicated way. Furthermore, it doesn't matter in which sector you are active, whether in trade, trade or industry, whether you are a company, a municipality, a city or a public authority. The B.One Gallery shows you your IoT applications and sensor data, simply and easily understandable. The way IoT should be.

Extension of use for the B.One Gallery 1 year 50 devices
Extension/extension of use for the visualization platform "B.One Gallery" for another 12 months and up to another 50 devicesB.One Gallery - The standardized visualization platform for your IoT sensors & solutions. With this article you extend/renew the use of your B.One Gallery for 50 devices for another 12 months. The contractual basis is still the associated user agreement (also available below under "Available Downloads"). It is part of the contract when purchasing this usage extension. If you are currently already using the B.One Gallery, this package can simply be booked and the term of use will be extended by 12 months from the date of purchase (=service date). If you would like to visualize the data of more than 50 devices in the B.One Gallery, then you also have the possibility to increase the number of devices accordingly with this package.Attention: The use of the B.One Gallery is extended for another 12 months from the date of purchase (=date of performance)! An extension beyond 12 months is not possible. In case of multiple purchases, the number of usable devices increases by 50 devices each time.Example 1: You have purchased the use of the Gallery as part of a GatewayPlus (SMART, INDOOR, OUTDOOR) purchase for 24 months and 50 devices. However, you would like to operate 80 devices. Then you would have to extend the usage 1 time (50 devices for 12 months).Example 2: Your Gallery usage expires (the 24 months end). You want to continue using Gallery, so you purchase a 12-month extension for up to 50 devices. An extension beyond 12 months is not possible. You can find more information about the B.One Gallery here.