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TEKTELIC KONA Micro IoT LoRaWAN® Indoor Gateway with Battery Backup

Product number: 170839
Manufacturer: TEKTELIC
EAN: 4001471733097
Weight: 0.54 kg

KONA Micro IoT LoRaWAN® Indoor Gateway 868 MHz from TEKTELIC with build-in battery backup

The Lora Gateway KONA Micro was developed for setting up mainly indoor LoRaWAN® networks. It is ideal for the housing industry, for corporate applications and can also be used in the industrial sector, precisely where "Always On" connectivity is required for IoT solutions.

The gateway is equipped with an internal 3G/4G modem and a four-hour battery backup and continues to work in the event of a power failure. It is easy to configure and inexpensive, it is an ideal gateway for the provision of applications in the housing industry or at company level in areas in which, for example, LoRaWAN® coverage through outdoor gateways is not yet available.

Properties "TEKTELIC KONA Micro IoT LoRaWAN® Indoor Gateway with Battery Backup"
device type: Gateway
industry: Buildings & Facilities, Construction, Healthcare, Housing Industry, Local and district heating, Public & Private Utilities, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0
location: Building, Factory Buildings, Indoor, Retrofit, Machines, Room (Office/Living/Kitchen)
technology: LoRaWAN
Technical specifications
  • Integrated 3G / 4G modem
  • Frequency range: EU868 MHz other versions on request
  • Four-hour battery backup
  • External LoRaWAN antenna
  • Operating status LED
  • Plug and play operation

 Further detailed information can be found in the product data sheet, which you will find below under "Further links" or "Available downloads".

Accessory Items

Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell-evolution Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
Wirnet iFemtoCell-evolution Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway from Kerlink The Wirnet iFemtoCell-evolution is a small configurable, high performance LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT networks. The device is especially designed for the extension of public networks indoors or for private IoT networks. The device can be used across industries for a wide range of IoT applications. Use the device to implement your Smart City, Smart Home, Smart School projects (and much more) - wherever a reliable and permanent supply of LoRaWAN is required or you want to consolidate your existing network. The cost-efficient gateway with compact form factor is easy to configure and can be used with different backhaul connections: Mini-SIM - 4G Worldwide Module (with 3G/2G fallback) with integrated LTE antenna Ethernet (RJ45) This is also the main difference between the iFemtoCell-evolution and its sister product iFemtoCell, which enables a WiFi connection instead of the 3G/4G backhaul. Attention: Not compatible with the Helium network! Special Features: Robust, modular and scalable indoor LoRaWAN gateway Low power consumption and long range (15+ km in semi-urban areas and 2 km in urban areas) High capacity and reliability for bi-directional indoor communications processing large volumes of endpoints and messages Easy to install and quick to configure using the same software as Wirnet iStation High immunity to interference due to built-in band-pass filters for better data transmission and permanent high availability Secure hardware and software architecture: SecureBoot (signed Firmware) Secure storage (keys and certificates in the secure area) using the ProvenCore™ solution Secured connections and backhaul protection (OpenVPN/IPsec) Reboot (watchdog) and restore the previous management configuration (or factory configuration if the boot problem cannot be solved)

Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell LoRaWAN Indoor-Gateway
Lean Wirnet iFemtoCell LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway from Kerlink The Wirnet iFemtoCell is a smart, configurable and performant indoor LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT network. Based on LoRa technology, this gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension (additional coverage in buildings to densify public network availability and continuity of service) or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like manufacturing, logistics or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications. Available in most global unlicensed frequency bands (like ISM ones), this cost-effective gateway is proposed through a compact and full featured casing. Easy to configure, it offers multiple options for backhaul like Ethernet, WiFi or WAN. Used as a hub to connect end devices, it can power various in-building enterprise applications like assets monitoring, energy consumption control, security enforcement or any other operation-critical data collection in various environment (buildings, factory, industrial sites, farms, harbors, airports, mines, ...). This LoRaWAN gateway leverages the same successful LoRa RF technical design as its carrier-grade predecessor, the Wirnet Station, and offers high performance for very deep indoor coverage in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevators shafts…) to connect energy meters, parking sensors or equipment actuators. This long-range and low-power gateway offers 49 LoRa demodulators over 9 channels and comes with exclusive features for its remote monitoring and management with Kerlink network operations solutions, the Wanesy Management Center. The Wirnet iFemtoCell is also compatible with the Wanesy Small Private Network solution to deploy standalone and self-operating LoRaWAN private network. Attention: Not compatible with the Helium network! Strengths: Carrier grade, robust, modular and scalable indoor LoRaWAN Gateway Low Power consumption and Wide Area coverage (15+km in semi-urban area and 2km in urban area) High capacity and reliability, for deep indoor bidirectional communications handling high volumes of end-points and messages. Light infrastructure, easy to install and fast to configure. High interferences-resistance with built-in band bass filters for better data transmission and permanent high availability. Technical features: CPU & Memory: Powerful processor ARM processor with hardware watchdog and optimized power consumption management DDRAM 256 MB / 8 GB eMMC Operating System: LoRa Packet Forwarder, Linux OS, embedded base station controller (Wanesy Management Center remote management) Software packages and development tools included Networking: Firewalling, routing, networking and tunneling features Security: Secure boot, trust zone, firewall, software auto-recovery and secure firmware remote upgrade. Mechanical: Quality plastic enclosure, weight less than 500 g. RJ45, Jack, SMA/RP-SMA, USB port and host secure interface Power: Power supply 230VAC/12VDC with provide connector Communication: 49 LoRa demodulators over 9 channels. Omnidirectional 3 dBi external antenna. Wide coverage and very deep indoor coverage (undergrounds, basements, lifts shafts…) based on LoRa specifications. Supported ISM bands: EU 863-870 MHz, India 865-867 MHz, US 902-928 MHz FCC, AS 923 MHz. Backhaul connectivity over Ethernet, WLAN with built-in antenna. WWAN in option (USB dongle). Environment: Full operating range, humidity tolerance for indoor use only. Certified for Ingress protection / Impact Resistance / Flammability rating. Remote management: Remote alarm notification, firmware upgrade, file transfer, configuration, radio monitoring and statistics (Wanesy Management Center) Certification: EU / FCC / IC / ETSI certified.

TEKTELIC KONA Macro IoT LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway
Scalable IoT LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway KONA Macro 868 MHz from TEKTELIC. Backhaul via 4G cellular or Ethernet connection, without geolocation The KONA Macro IoT Gateway is an ideal solution for operators and enterprises that require a very scalable low cost LoRaWAN® gateway that minimizes network TCO while improving coverage and capacity. In order to facilitate rapid deployment, the gateway is designed to be extremely compact and light weight. With the cellular modem embedded internally the KONA Macro is targeted at network sites that dictate a small form factor and low power consumption. Rated IP67 it is designed for the most demanding outdoor installations. The KONA Macro can be installed in various locations reducing site and deployment costs while addressing different vertical IoT applications. Product features and benefits: Optimize coverage and capacity with a cost-effective and extremely compact LoRaWAN® gateway. Quick and easy deployment made possible with custom mounting options, including utility pole, lamp post, tower, roof or wall mounts. Reduce set-up costs with plug-and-play installation utilizing the custom provisioned factory image. Lower site operational costs due to low power consumption and passive cooling. High availability carrier grade design with support for in-service configuration and software updates. Excellent out-of-band rejection of Interference from other networks such as Cellular and Paging. Fully integrated with the broad eco-system of LoRa™ network servers and sensors. Technical data: EU868 Frequency Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (NA) Time Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (Int.) Integrated Band-pass Filter Integrated 3G/4G Antenna Precise Network Synchronization (GPS) 27 dBm Tx Power27 dBm Tx Power Hardended Carrier Grade Enclosure Backhaul Connectivity (ETH / 3G / 4G) Versatile Mounting Options Required accessories (sold separately): TEKTELIC LoRaWAN® Antenna 2.5/3 dBi for KONA Macro Outdoor Gateway TEKTELIC Antenna Cable N-Male to N-Female 1m for KONA Macro Outdoor Gateway LevelOne PoE Injector for Tektelic KONA Macro Outdoor Gateway Please note: The accessories required for the TEKTELIC KONA Macro LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway in the form of PoE injector, antenna and antenna cable are not included in the scope of delivery of the gateway and must be purchased separately in our store. You can find them in the "Accessories" tab below.