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Extension GWPLUS LoRaWAN® network usage in ZC EUROPE for 1 year 50 devices
Extension/extension of the use of the ZENNER IoT GatewayPlus in the ZENNER Connect GmbH LoRaWAN® network "Europe" for another 12 months and up to another 50 devicesWith this article you extend the ZC LoRaWAN® network usage of your GatewayPLUS ZENNER Datahub account by 12 months or extend the network usage for additional 50 devices. The contractual basis is still the corresponding usage agreement (also to be found above under "Documents"). It is part of the contract when purchasing this usage extension.If you are already using a Zenner IoT GatewayPLUS in the ZC LoRaWAN® network, this extension can simply be booked to extend the usage period from the date of purchase (= date of performance) by 12 additional months for 50 devices. If you want to use more than 50 devices in the ZC LoRaWAN® network and your account, you can increase this with the purchase of an extension in steps of 50.Attention: The usage extension is only possible in combination with a previously purchased GatewayPlus.The usage of the LoRaWAN® network is extended for another 12 months from the date of purchase (= date of performance)!An extension by more than 12 months by multiple purchase is not possible, it only extends the number of usable devices.Example 1: You have purchased the use of the ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS in the ZENNER Connect GmbH LoRaWAN® network "Europe" in connection with a GatewayPlus (SMART, INDOOR, OUTDOOR) purchase for 24 months and 50 Devices. However, you would like to operate 80 devices. Then you would have to extend the usage 1 time with a purchase of this article (50 Devices for 12 months).Example 2: Your network usage expires (the 24 months end). You want to continue using the ZENNER Connect GmbH LoRaWAN® network "Europe" and therefore buy an extension for another 12 months for up to 50 devices. An extension beyond 12 months is not possible. The use of the network is extended from the date of purchase.
Manufacturer: ZENNER Connect